An Oh! Realisation

May 21, 2014

I had an “Oh!” moment this evening.

As I stood filling a bathtub with water for some steers, a podcast about screenwriting in one ear, I suddenly got hit by a realisation – what the main character in my YA novel has as a primary motivation. She’s the centre of the story and in most of the scenes, but she was a bit passive, a bit nebulous, a bit perfect. And I’m several thousand words into this thing.

And then there it was. The thing that happens in the first two pages, the decision she makes right at the start, has *impact*. That impact appears a few chapters down, but it is still early in the story. Instead of it being something that gets shaken off, it needs to be a *huge* problem. And the rest of the book is her trying to redeem herself for that first decision that goes so wrong unexpectedly.


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Co-founder of Wild Pure Heart Productions and the Deep Peace Trust, I'm an animal-loving, vegan, author and filmmaker, who loves nothing more than an engrossingly entertaining film or book.


  1. To Andrew Einspruch,
    We are year four students and we would like to ask some questions on your book Mountain Biking
    . What inspired you to write this book?
    . Have you ever been Mountain biking before?
    . Do you know any legends?
    . Have you ever been in the cross-crountry race? . Have you ever challenged a legend to a Mountain biking race?
    . Have you ever mountain biked up a steep hill? Thank you for reading our note.

    • Hi there. I’ve only just seen this comment. I realise it is a few months late in coming, but in case you see this…

      – I wrote the mountain biking book as the publisher asked me to. Many of the books I’ve written for the education market, such as this one, were the result of commissions. So the inspiration was, “Hey, can you write this book for us.” Sorry, not more romantic than that.
      – No, I’ve never been mountain biking.
      – I don’t know any mountain biking legends. I’ve met some famous people in other realms, though.
      – I have never been in a cross-country race. In fact, I don’t own a bike at the moment, as I live rurally.
      – I’ve walked up steep hills, but not on a bike.

      Thanks for your interest.