About Me


I am an author with over 120 children’s books and a filmmaker.  I run Wild Pure Heart with my wife Billie Dean and our daughter Tamsin, and together, we founded the not-for-profit charity the Deep Peace Trust through which we run Australia’s largest farm animal sanctuary, A Place of Peace.

I have written all kinds of stuff. Really, you name it, I’ve written it.

My kid’s books range across fiction and non-fiction for the education market, the first of which was published in 1996. There’s the four-book “Dunkin’ Dazza” basketball action series, a one-off detective story called “Kid Swish’s Detective Agency,” and a science-based mystery called “Me, Rupe and Some Geezer Named Al.” My non-fiction books cover science, the media, history, finance and money, biographies, math, the environment, government, and sustainability. I have also had dozens of articles printed in publications including Screen Hub, The Good Weekend, ’Personal Investment, Australian MacWorld, Australian PC World, Your Computer, Nature and Health, Metro, and Simply Living.

I have written for children’s television including the award winning Hi-5, and also Cushion Kids for the Nine Network.  I also wrote for RockWiz and Say G’Day (yes, that Australian game show from the late 1980s starring Greg Evans).

I’m very proud of our three independent films – the award winning Finding Joy, the delightful 7 Days with 7 Dogs, and the acclaimed This Sacred Earth.

I’ve also done seven tonnes of business and corporate writing — everything from policies and procedures to system administration guides, as well as software manuals, transition plans, and many other kinds of tech-y stuff, because we all know how much programmers and other tech heads *love* to do documentation.

If pressed, I’ll deny I ever programmed in COBOL.

Photo of Andrew Einspruch by Billie Dean 2016.

Photo credit for banner: Ryan Baxter Photography